gutter_clean_system_bgThere are no self-cleaning gutters. To clean them, one must get on a ladder and remove the leaves and other debris. Fortunately, several types of gutter guards and hoods exist that offer less maintenance:

Reverse Curve Gutters – have a small opening that allows water to move downward through the gutter while leaves and other debris get pushed off.

Mesh Gutters – can be attached to the shingles on a roof and have holes on top. Water strains through the gutter while keeping out leaves and other debris.

Nylon Gutter Guards – perfect for colder climates. Their construction helps to keep ice and snow from creating dams in the gutters. They can be fitted on the gutter.

Foam Gutter Guards – these also fit over the gutter, allowing the water to trickle through while blocking debris from accumulating.

Alu-Rex Leaf Guard System – Westwood uses Alu-Rex systems exclusively and while other systems work to varying degrees, we have found that Alu-Rex Leaf Guard system is the most maintenance-free and the best at what it does. Alu-Rex has developed a new way to fasten eavestroughs to your home, using the T-Rex continuous fastening system — much more than a leaf guard!