Eavestroughs / Gutters

Eavestroughs or rain gutters serve an important role in protecting your home from water damage by diverting water away from your residence. This protects the foundation from water damage, helps reduce erosion, prevents leaks in basements and protects painted or stained surfaces by reducing exposure to water.

We offer 5″ or 6″ seamless eavestroughs. We install using brackets and screws as opposed to spikes to give a stronger bond to the fascia board. We can handle challenging curves when necessary.


Soffits and Fascia

Soffits are located under the roof’s overhang and allow for the proper ventilation of your roof. This will help to extend the life of your roofing system as well as play a part in the comfort of your home. Fascia seals the ends of your eaves and provides a flat surface to which the eavestrough system can be installed. Older soffits and fascia sometimes have little or no ventilation. This can cause poorly ventilated upper storeys, which in turn can cause condensation and ice dams in the winter and too much heat trapped inside the home in the summer.

Proper installation and upkeep of soffits and fascia will not only help to enhance the overall appearance of your home, but also protect it from damage and prolong the life of your roof. Trust the professionals at Westwood Siding for your soffits and fascia. Only the highest quality materials are used and our teams of experts will ensure your complete satisfaction.