vinyl-sidingVinyl Siding

There are many advantages to choosing vinyl siding for your home. It is very durable, lasting about fifty years. Vinyl siding is a very low maintenance material, requiring little or no ongoing maintenance, at the most a power washing once a year.

Vinyl siding is a more affordable option than wood. However, vinyl siding can be textured and molded to look like other materials, such as cedar shingles or wood clapboard.

There are some disadvantages to vinyl siding. Because it does not fit tightly against the structure, it is possible for moisture and insects to sneak behind the siding and cause problems. Damage can be caused to the vinyl over time from freezing temperatures, making it brittle. Also, over time, the colour can fade.

To install vinyl siding on your home, a professional installer from Westwood Siding will remove any old siding and install insulation board before the new vinyl siding is put in place.